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What is Line 3?

Line 3 is a tar sands pipeline currently under construction in northern Minnesota — violating treaty rights, risking over 200 bodies of water with the threat of an oil spill, and reversing our progress on climate change with a carbon equivalent of 50 coal-fired power plants.

Line 3 will have the capacity to carry nearly a million barrels of tar sands per day from the world’s most destructive oil operation in Canada. The company behind Line 3 is Enbridge, a multinational corporation responsible for the largest US inland oil spill. The pipeline route cuts through untouched wetlands and the treaty territories of Anishinaabe people, through the Mississippi headwaters, and to the shores of Lake Superior.

Some Line 3 construction workers have already tested positive for COVID-19 and the influx of out of state workers is likely to drive increased human trafficking in the region, causing irreparable harm to Indigenous communities.

Governor Tim Walz missed his opportunity to respect treaty rights, conserve nationally treasured water bodies in northern Minnesota, and face the threat of climate change head-on. But we know Line 3 is bigger than Minnesota, and President Biden could revoke federal water crossing permits and halt construction with the stroke of a pen.

Protect the Water, Revoke the Permits

Video Footage from the Protect the Water, Revoke the Permits! demonstration on Friday, Jan. 29 in Downtown St. Paul.

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What are we doing to stop Line 3?

MN350 and allies are leading an escalating campaign against Line 3, fighting alongside an Indigenous-led frontline resistance in northern MN. Our movement has won several key legal victories in the fight against Line 3, delaying this project for over 5 years now.

Lawsuits against Line 3 have been filed by several opposing groups — including Sovereign Indigenous nations, the Minnesota Department of Commerce, landowners, environmental groups, and other advocates — yet construction on the ground is accelerating by the day. The dangers of COVID-19 and drastic escalation we’ve seen from local law enforcement against Indigenous water protectors protecting treaty land continues to emerge across media platforms.

In the words of Abby Hornberger, who disrupted construction on the frontlines, “We’ve tried calling, we’ve tried talking to politicians, and simply nothing’s getting done without direct action.” This is the time for us to take direct action against Line 3, to defend the land and the water, to honor the treaties, and to build the world we want for future generations. We must stop Line 3 if we want to stop climate change, if we want clean water to drink, if we want to protect our communities from corporate and state violence.

Volunteers from across the state have helped us raise awareness by planning and participating in hundreds of in-person and online actions.

Join our bi-weekly Calls to Action!

Join organizers in a bi-weekly call to get an update on the status of Line 3, and the upcoming opportunities to get involved and stop it! Whether you’ve been involved in the movement for years, or you’re brand new and looking for a place to engage, this call will help us connect and share the different action opportunities each and every one of us can take to fight for treaty rights and climate justice. Find the next call and sign up on our MN350 events page.

Are you able to take part in actions up north?

To learn about ways you can join the frontline resistance, attend an Orientation Call with a coalition of groups in the Stop Line 3 movement. Calls will be on alternating days every week — Sunday at 10am CT or Tuesday at 7pm CT. RSVP by registering here.

You are also welcome to visit the Water Protector Welcome Center, a frontline camp in Palisade, MN, in prayerful action every day at 10am.

Do you have money or supplies to donate?

Join our drive to provide food and gear to Indigenous organizers and the communities most negatively affected by pipe lines. Please see our MN350 Stop Line 3 Mutual Aid page for more information on how you can help.

Sign the Line 3 Pledge of Resistance: