100% Campaign

Add your name to the 100% Pledge!

MN350 Action is working with over 40 environmental organizations, community groups and unions across the state to make Minnesota the next 100% clean energy state.

Now is the time to act. The #GreenNewDeal captures headlines every day. States like California and Hawaii have approved bold plans, and governors in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois have promised to push hard for 100 percent clean energy legislation. Minnesota can be next! Sign on to tell our legislators Minnesotans want a fast and fair transition to a clean energy economy. 

Help us amplify the message!

It’s vital that our legislators hear discussion of 100% clean energy in their districts. That’s true particularly in communities outside the metro. One powerful way you can help is by submitting a letter to the editor (LTE) of your local newspaper.

You may hesitate, thinking, What am I supposed to write about? The good news is we have done some of the legwork for you! We have created three template options to jump-start your writing process. Instructions are included in the document as well.

If you have any questions email Emma Erdahl (erdahle14<at>gmail.com). We will follow up with volunteers who are interested to ensure they have everything they need to be successful. If you do submit a letter to the editor, please add your name to the tracker so we can help promote anything that gets published.