2018 Annual Report

Year in Review

MN350 Mission, Vision & Theory of Change

Mission Our mission unites Minnesotans as part of a global movement to end the pollution damaging our climate, speed the transition to clean energy, and create a just and healthy future for all.

Vision Our vision encompasses uprooting systems of racism, gender oppression, dispossession of indigenous people, and predatory capitalism.

Theory of change We use a range of peaceful methods — including policy advocacy, bold public events, political engagement, and nonviolent direct action — to change the rules of government and corporate behavior.

In 2018, MN350 launched . . .

MN350 Action, our sister organization and advocacy arm

Our MN350 Solutions Team, a volunteer-led initiative for clean transportation, sustainable food and a just transition from fossil fuels

. . . and joined with partners to launch

A 100% Clean Energy Campaign to help Minnesota become the next 100% clean energy state

The Coalition for Clean Transportation, an alliance pushing for zero-emission transportation solutions statewide

Note From the Board Chair

Dear friends of MN350,

2018 was an important year for the climate movement within MN350 and across Minnesota.

MN350 launched MN350 Action, a 501(c)4 advocacy partner organization. We built unprecedented opposition to the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline. In the Twin Cities, we successfully advocated for Metro Transit to commit to a 100% electric bus fleet. We also scaled to a new level of organizing by doubling our supporter list and increasing our volunteer base; expanded deep canvassing; worked to bridge the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota; and hired new staff members, including an office manager, deep canvassers, and climate justice organizers.

Despite the daunting nature of the climate crisis, in 2018 we saw unprecedented levels of public engagement. In state after state, momentum clearly is growing. In 2019, we’re continuing to gain community support and are encouraging a new generation of public officials to move to a just, clean energy economy — reinstating Minnesota as a leader in the climate movement.

Finally, we moved in early 2019 to a new office at 4407 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis. Would love to have you visit us there!

– Carolyn Ham, board chair, MN350

Why 350?

The 350 in “MN350” represents 350 parts per million (ppm) in our atmosphere — what scientists agree to be the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Currently we’re well over 400 ppm.

Financial Report

MN 350

  • Grants 457,827
  • Donations 136,228
  • Events 99,202
  • Partner Support 61,854
  • Other 819
  • Staff 557,688
  • Contract Services 101,905
  • Office 59,716
  • Communications 55,949
  • Events 36,673
  • Other 9,820

MN 350 Action

  • Grants 112,833
  • Donations 3,986
  • Membership Dues 3,131
  • Program Income 1,535
  • Sales/Merchandise 1,105
  • Contract Services 58,132
  • Communications 7,572
  • Office 5,553
  • Fundraising 2,536
  • Events 550
  • Other 1,902