By Laura Zilverberg

We have 12 years, until the year 2030, to take significant action to stave off the worst effects of climate change.  

When I first read about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report from October 2019, I felt an enormous amount of fear for our future and some days still do. But the past few months have felt different. The Green New Deal is gaining momentum. People are demanding clean and renewable energy. Our young people are taking to the streets and holding older generations accountable like never before.

As a new mother of two young children, I am taking action and hope you will too. The time for action is now. It is important for our collective future — the world in which my children will grow up. Even when it seems like the problems we are facing are insurmountable, I can look back on the work that’s been accomplished in the past and feel optimistic about the future.

In the past, the world has come together numerous times with collective actions that have made possible what we thought was impossible. Through the power of people working together, we’ve banned dangerous chemicals, signed agreements and addressed global environmental challenges.

We’ve done it before and we can do it again.

It’s one of the reasons I jumped at the opportunity to help lead MN350’s new blog, which we are launching today. It feels productive to be doing my small part in search of solutions to the climate crisis.  

There is no better time than now to start working to build the future we all want, and there are a number of ways to be involved:

  • Volunteer with MN350 and support us in preventing damage to our climate. Your efforts will help us make Minnesota a climate justice leader
  • Follow our new blog and consider contributing a blog post about your involvement with the climate movement – just drop us an email about how you would like to contribute. 

Meet MN350 staff members and volunteers while learning about our movement for a just, clean-energy future. Hear from our Policy Action, Pipeline Resistance, Clean Transportation, Regenerative Agriculture, Education & Community Outreach teams.

Laura Zilverberg is a public relations professional, volunteer with and mother of two. She used to be an avid runner and plans to be again once her kids sleep through the night. She enjoys reading and channeling her dread about climate change into baked goods, gardening and blog posts.