By MN350 volunteers
Compiled by Laura Zilverberg

At MN350, our volunteers are the cornerstone of our success. We march, write letters, make phone calls and mobilize our neighbors to take collaborative action to address climate change. We are truly a grassroots organization with more passionate people joining our movement every day. Today, we want to introduce you to a few of our outstanding volunteers. 


Roshani Saraiya

Roshani believes that by working together and telling powerful stories we can do great things to protect the people and places that we love. A second generation Indian American, she credits her mother with teaching her what it means to move through the world with integrity and ensuring her behavior and words are always rooted in values. Roshani became involved with MN350 after the Trump administration pulled out of the Paris Accord, a move that left her feeling powerless, anxious, and alone regarding climate change. She has volunteered with MN350 for two years, and currently serves on the Education & Community Outreach Team working to build support for the 100% Clean Energy Campaign. 

Kurt Kimber

Kurt first learned about climate change in 1999. The lack of reasonable responses to the threat left him feeling depressed. A volunteer and donor with MN350 since 2011, Kurt has found that contributing to the climate justice movement has brightened his outlook. Kurt brings his experience and skills as an engineer to his work with MN350’s Food Systems Team. With a deep-rooted awareness of the peril facing our climate, the world’s species, and future generations, Kurt believes now more than ever we need bold action.

Linnea Wier

Linnea’s work has been influenced by the memory of hiking with her dad at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego when she was five years old. Her dad, a botanist and conservationist, would share his knowledge about the plants, birds and other creatures they saw on their hikes. Linnea’s father died when she was 10, but part of his legacy is the deep respect and appreciation for the natural world that he instilled in her. Linnea says she carries her father’s spirit with her now when she thinks about the future and volunteers with MN350.

Chelsea DeArmond

Chelsea became involved with MN350 because of her passion for the environment and the climate crisis we are facing. After staying for several weeks at Standing Rock with her husband, Chelsea’s conviction that we need to put ourselves on the line to protect each other and our planet was cemented. 

Thanks to the hard work of Chelsea and her team, St. Paul 350 recently launched with more than 80 people in attendance! Together they made commitments to push the St. Paul City’s resiliency plan to be a national leader in becoming a carbon neutral city. They also committed to take a leading role in climate actions at the state capitol, and to call school board members to include community solar projects on public schools. 

Whose legacy of love for this world inspires you?  Whose future do you want to protect? There’s a space for your energy and skills at MN350Join Roshani, Kurt, Linnea, Chelsea, and the hundreds of other MN350 volunteers working to build a just and healthy future for all.