By MN350

Last week, MinnPost published an opinion piece from Grant Stevensen, MN350 climate justice organizer, and Juwaria Jama, state lead for MN Youth Climate Strikes, about fossil fuel divestment as one solution for the climate crisis and our retirement savings.

The piece sums up the divestment movement and the current campaign to ask our legislators to divest state pensions of fossil fuel holdings. Divestment bills introduced this past March failed, even as the science grows more urgent and many investment experts weigh the risks of remaining invested in fossil fuel companies. 

The international 350 movement has a long-standing divestment campaign that has helped influence more than 1,000 institutions worth almost $8 trillion to divest from oil, coal, and gas companies.

Read the full post at MinnPost here, then learn more about how you can start a divestment campaign at