2021 and Transportation Legislation

We envision a future in which Minnesotans across the state utilize transportation that is safe, affordable, and emits no greenhouse gases.  This future enables urban, suburban, and rural residents to use different modes of transportation, which link up and support each other. In this future different transportation options bring people together and help them thrive economically and socially. 

Air pollution caused by vehicles is the United States’ biggest single contributor to global warming. It’s responsible for up to an estimated 4,000 annual deaths in the Twin Cities alone, and disproportionately effects the young, old, low-income, and communities of color. 

In the 2021 legislative session, Minnesota has a chance to lead or fall behind. Now is the moment to reach out to key legislators who are actively negotiating the state’s budget and policies for the next two years. The first two weeks of May will be full of negotiations to make key decisions about what type of future we’ll inherit as Minnesotans. That’s why we need to make our voices heard.