By Kirsten Fedorowicz
Communications Team member and Lead Promotional Strategist for the MN350 Podcast

Nourish by MN350 is a podcast by the MN350 Food Systems Team. It features visionary leaders who are creating the regenerative, inclusive, local food economy we need to meet the challenge of climate change.

The latest two episodes are Place-Based Food and Conductors of the Symphony.

In MN350’s latest podcast episode, “Conductors of the Symphony,” Food Systems activist and volunteer host Jeff Diamond brings together Dean Engelmann, co-owner of Wise Acre Eatery, and Arie Peisert, owner of Northern Fires Pizza, for a conversation about the food service industry and the impact that restaurant owners can have on our communities.

Dean shares his path toward rediscovering his roots in farming, and how he uses the farm to help source his Eatery. Arie talks about his journey to the Minnesota local food scene, which started in San Francisco through the Alice Waters restaurant tree and included a stop in Rome. Together they touch on the value of sourcing through local, sustainable farms; the benefits of agriculture focused on healthy soils; how food waste impacts the food system; and the importance of fair treatment of employees in the industry.
This episode is available here. Or simply search  for “Nourish by MN350” on your preferred podcast player.

Kirsten Fedorowicz is a member of the Communications Team and the Lead Promotional Strategist for the MN350 Podcast. She lives in St. Paul and stops to read every sidewalk poem that she finds.