By Barbara Norblom
Food Systems Team member and Promotions Volunteer

As the Nourish by MN350 podcast team prepares for its third season, we’re rebroadcasting past episodes to remind us how our guests are revitalizing our land, ecosystems, and communities. Use your preferred podcast player to listen (or relisten) to “A Cup That Overflows” from April 2021. Host Lisa Chou talks about food waste with Danielle Piraino, Produce Programs Coordinator at The Food Group, and Patrick Smith, a former Sisters Camelot collective member.

Listen to our guests explain why we produce so much extra food; the challenges of rescuing “wasted” food from farms and warehouses; and how food waste can help solve food insecurity, strengthen our community, and build a more just, equitable food system. At the end of this rereleased episode, stay tuned to hear a bonus update from The Food Group’s executive director about how they’ve adapted their services in response to the pandemic and how to support their work.

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