By Jessie Roelofs
Communications Manager with MN350

There is a movement happening in Minneapolis.

For the past four months, teams of people from every ward across the city have been gathering around a simple but revolutionary idea: that every single person – regardless of where they live, how much they make, or the color of their skin – deserves to live and move in a climate-safe city. These residents have joined together and have been meeting with their council members to build relationships, understand their priorities on climate and equity, and outline the broad strokes of what could be a game-changing plan for the health and well-being of Minneapolis residents.

We know that wealthy corporations thrive on the status quo. We also know that those same corporations are slowing progress on climate justice to a snail’s pace at the state and federal levels. That’s why local movements like this one are crucial. If we can prove that common-sense policies make an impact on the health and well-being of Minneapolitans, we’ll inspire progress across the country.

These teams have been doing the work to make this local action possible. They have met with each of their city councilors to begin the conversation about this vision. On Wednesday, February 16, the residents gathered together to report back on these meetings and provide feedback on a draft of a new city plan. According to Ward 9 resident Amy Blumenshine, “It’s really encouraging to be part of a team of folks acting with creative, redemptive good will! And we’re addressing issues of such significance! Action is the best antidote to anxiety.”

This plan, drafted by the Just Transition Fund Coalition, prioritizes decarbonizing our buildings, creating access to family-sustaining jobs to close the racial wealth gap, and fostering safe and healthy neighborhoods connected by accessible and carbon-free transportation. Kathryn Ringham, from the Ward 13 team, remarked at the event, “[This plan] holds the best promise of the transformation that the planet requires.”

The next steps? Bringing the movement to YOU.

The foundation of change is people power. Join the movement! Attend the public unveiling of this plan for a healthy climate and equitable Minneapolis on March 23. You’ll meet others in your ward and get connected to opportunities to spread the word about this climate and equity plan that can make a huge difference in the health and well-being of everyday people – and lead the way for real change across the country.

Let’s be a leader in what is possible.


Jessie Roelofs grew up in central Minnesota and now lives and works in Minneapolis. She is the communications manager at MN350.