By Emily Wallace
Policy Action Team volunteer

The Minnesota legislative session wrapped up May 23. If you’re wondering what was accomplished during that session, the answer is: not as much as we would’ve liked.

The House Climate Action Caucus proposed a plan to spend $1 billion on climate. However, the only piece of legislation that was passed that included any climate provisions was an agricultural bill that will spend $9.9 million on agricultural interests in Minnesota. While that’s important, we still want to see bold climate legislation pass.

It’s easy to feel frustrated by this inaction on the part of our elected officials, but there’s something you can do. CALL your legislators and Governor Walz to demand a special session to pass this important legislation for Minnesotans!

We deserve better. We deserve action. Let’s push for the bold climate legislation we need to get us on the path to a clean energy economy that works for all of us.



Emily Wallace is a volunteer with the Policy Action Team who loves cats and helping folks feel confident in holding their leaders accountable.