By Anna Solfest
Volunteer with MN350's Green New Deal Narrative Team

Solar allows us to access an abundant, renewable resource to generate sustainable energy. It also offers an opportunity to shift our relationship with the Earth in a healthier direction.

Bob Blake is the founder and CEO of Solar Bear, a solar installation company in Minneapolis. He had known in his gut that something must be done to address climate change and realized he had the power to create change. Keith Dent has extensive experience working in the solar industry and is the founder of Just B Solar in Minneapolis, a youth outreach program that teaches kids about solar energy and how to let their imagination lead the way. Dent is also working on an employee-owned solar installation co-op to elevate the voices of solar workers’ voices and help the solar industry thrive.

Blake’s and Dent’s work aligns closely with the Minneapolis People’s Climate & Equity Plan, combining environmental action and social justice. Read their full stories – as part of MN350’s “Stories from the Green New Deal” series – to learn more about their work in making the future bright for all:

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