MN350 staff

Scott Bordo, Chief Financial Officer

Scott Bordo joined MN350 in March 2022 as Chief Financial Officer. He has spent the last several years in Minneapolis human/social service organizations supporting underserved communities. He has always been passionate about conservation and supporting sustainability and enjoys working with like-minded volunteers, team members, and partners.

Scott takes pride in supporting operational leadership by ensuring data integrity and preparation of accurate and timely financials. He brings a wealth of experience developing and managing robust systems and automating processes to help companies grow and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. He enjoys working with others to use technology toward becoming more efficient and greener with reduction in the use of paper.

Scott has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, has been a CPA, and has an MBA from the University of St Thomas.


Noelle Cirisan, Political Manager

Noelle Cirisan started with MN350 as a volunteer before contracting with MN350 on voter outreach for the 2020 election. She currently serves on staff as MN350’s Political Manager. Noelle loves bringing people together around climate justice policy at the state and federal levels.

Noelle’s interest in climate justice has been informed by her childhood on the California Central Coast where she watched a changing climate and oil spills change the lives of the people around her.  She has her B.A. from San Francisco State University and a J.D. from Vermont Law School where she studied water and environmental law. She has lived in Minnesota since 2017 and loves exploring everything the Midwest has to offer.


Mia Farinas, Food Systems Organizer

Mia Farinas joined MN350 in September 2022 as an organizer for the Food System’s Team. Having grown up in Hawaii, she is passionate about developing local and equitable food systems to fight back against our extractive, colonial food economy. After receiving a degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, Mia worked with the City and County of Honolulu and Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Clinic to support food access and local food system development projects on Oahu. New to Minneapolis, Mia enjoys exploring the city by foot, bike and public transit, as well as cooking and dancing.


Francis Kingbird, Missing Murdered Indigenous Organizer

Francis Kingbird (She/Her) has a background as a Youth Exploitation Coordinator, experience advocating and coordinating services and resources for adults and youth in the Bemidji area, and has worked in Safe Harbor. She is part of the MN Office of Justice Program’s new MMIR Advisory Council which collaborates with the community and the state to address the needs and changes necessary to build and set safe procedures and policies for our missing relatives and families.

Francis’ goal at MN350 is to educate families and communities on how MMIR, Safe Harbor, Human Trafficking, and Climate Justice are connected and how to remain safe within our communities. She also intends to help everyone understand the role they play in addressing community and legal awareness of the missing and murdered relatives epidemic.


Theresa “Tee” McClenty, Executive Director

Tee has witnessed the impact of the climate crisis first-hand. Her youngest son was born with asthma and continues to experience complications from it as a young adult. This story, she knows, is not unique. Many communities of color are hardest hit by the negative impacts of climate change.

Tee joined MN350 in 2022 in a continuation of her career as a servant for all communities. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that all communities have ALL the resources available to them. She has worked more than 18 years in emergency medicine, seeing first-hand the impact of climate on people’s health. She attended college to obtain a nursing degree and sign language interpreter. She received a mini-MBA at St. Thomas University and is a certified project manager. She has also worked in labor unions from a rank-and-file member to an chief-negotiator and EVP, advocating with school workers and health care union sisters and brothers for improved working conditions. In her most recent role, Tee connected the community to necessary resources in mental and behavioral health, dentistry, and human services.

“It’s important to me that we recognize the impacts of climate change and how they are experienced much differently for middle-income families than they are for poor or underprivileged families, including the hardest hit from climate impacts, BIPOC communities,” Tee said. “We must do better in how information is shared and in how resources are distributed in a more equitable way for all. This is my vision for MN350. An organization where people and communities are healthy, resilient, and vibrant and where disadvantaged and BIPOC communities are no longer experiencing environmental burdens and racial injustice.”


Andy Pearson, Senior Pipeline Resistance Organizer

Andy Pearson (he/him) is the Senior Pipeline Resistance Organizer with MN350, the staff support for our Pipeline Resistance Team. A lifelong Minnesotan, he joined MN350’s staff in 2013 and has been instrumental in building the movement against Enbridge and the tar sands industry across the Midwest. Andy works with partners from around the region and the volunteer organizers and leaders on the Pipeline Resistance Team (as well as MN350’s treaty rights work) to build strategic campaigning that cuts off the ability of the fossil fuel industry to extract and move dirty fuels, creating space for more climate-friendly solutions to grow. He can be found convening coalitions, helping to plan mass mobilizations and cross-movement events, and sometimes fixing printers or brushing up on his Spanish skills.


Daylon Prochaska, Transit Organizer

Daylon joined MN350 in October of 2022 as a Transit Organizer. Growing up in Minnesota, he quickly developed a love for our ecosystems and a passion for climate justice, becoming an organizer at a young age. Daylon organized against fossil fuels extraction, neocolonialism, and militarism in high school. Daylon organized school strikes for climate justice and worked on a number of progressive campaigns. In his free time he likes to read, craft, cook, and explore nature.


Jessie Roeming, Communications Manager

Jessie Roeming started volunteering with MN350 in 2019 and joined the staff in 2021. Before coming to MN350, Jessie worked as a Social Media Specialist at Twin Cities Public Television, as a Communications Manager at FairVote Minnesota, and wore a number of hats including Communications Manager in her ten years at Intermedia Arts.

Jessie grew up in the small Central Minnesota town of Milaca where she first discovered the simple pleasures of frost boils in the springtime, lightning bugs on summer evenings, long walks through the crunching autumn leaves, and the special squeak snow makes under a sled. Since moving to the Twin Cities in 2005, Jessie has become active in social justice movements and is thrilled to be working at MN350 to advance social and environmental justice in Minnesota. When she’s not working, Jessie can be found strolling around the Longfellow neighborhood, rooting around in her garden, playing board games, or attempting to keep her kittens, Waffle and Hazel, from chewing on . . . everything.


Krystil Rose, Office Administrator

Krystil Rose was born and raised in the Twin Cities. As a child, her parents strongly believed in giving back and kept her active with many volunteering organizations, including the MN Raptor Center and Race for the Rainbow. As she grew up, her love for nature strengthened and she knew her commitment to the planet and its inhabitants had to match that passion. Krystil is thrilled to now be a part of the MN350 team working full time for meaningful changes. Previously working as a general manager of a small business, she hopes to utilize her skills to help achieve the vision of MN350.
When Krystil isn’t working, you can find her performing and teaching dance, camping, hiking, foraging, or trying out a new creative art form. She loves trying new vegetarian food with friends or having a lazy Sunday afternoon with her cat Xena.


Sonita van der Leeuw, Transportation Organizer

Sonita (she/her) joined MN350 in November of 2022 as a Transportation Organizer. Growing up in Minnesota, she brings with her a passion for learning and educating others on clean energy solutions that will lead us towards a healthier future for the planet. After gaining a degree in Environmental Sustainability and Resilience at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Sonita worked with the Iowa Environmental Council to help implement clean energy initiatives at a local level. She is excited to continue organizing and advocating for sustainable and equitable climate solutions, and ensuring that the intersectionality that lies within the environmental movement is brought into her work. Sonita enjoys rollerblading, hiking, and entertaining her cat Juniper.