Art Team

Putting eyes on our movement

People notice art. And MN350’s Rapid Response art team prides itself on giving MN350 a strong and recognizable public presence. When MN350 needs fast public action, the Rapid Response Art Team is there to support them, designing and constructing banners, signs, and even sculptures to draw eyes to our message.

What we do

The Rapid Response Art Team supports MN350 Leadership or MN350 Team calls for a public action. We design, construct, and deploy action-focused art. Our team helps MN350’s work by:

  • Providing large public visibility – This identifies who we are and what we want. We strive to be street theater.
  • Energizing the public – A public action says it’s okay to be vocal about climate change and that there’s a community ready to join you. Your voice is welcome and important.
  • Aiding recruitment – Visible actions are always accompanied by opportunities for the public to link into the MN350 organization.
  • Building teamwork – An art build and deployment gives volunteers not only the opportunity to take part in an action but to work with and get to know other great volunteers.
How to get involved

Join us! Fill out the contact form below, and we’ll let you know when we’re having our next art build. It’s as easy as showing up.