Climate change denial: A case study

Climate change denial: A case study

This blog post examines a typical consumer we call Leslie to pinpoint reasons for her climate change denial and suggest ways she can embrace a more planet-friendly lifestyle. *  *  * What do we mean when we say that someone is “in denial”? Betty is deep in debt, and yet she continues to max out… Read more »

Why racial justice is central to our work

Here’s a question that often comes up for folks at MN350 when discussing the climate crisis: Isn’t it too time-consuming to spend time on racial justice, given the severity of the climate crisis and the importance of moving full steam ahead to address it? The question is relevant in face of the daily revelations of… Read more »

MN350 COVID-19 update

Those of us in the climate movement are no stranger to dealing with confusion and fear, mixed with periods of immediate crisis. As the coronavirus has shut down life in Minnesota this week, and much of our work has moved online, the crisis is hitting us in a variety of ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, and… Read more »

Book review: Climate Refugees

When you are in one place, with your feet on the ground, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to comprehend the totality of our home, the Earth. This is true even though your connectivity via tweets, posts, and breaking news seems complete. Climate Refugees: How Climate Change Is Displacing Millions by the editors and writers of… Read more »

Hope in a world on fire

Every day seems to bring grim news for the climate justice movement. The Amazon rainforest is on fire. So is Australia. President Trump denies science, weakens environmental regulations and protections, and says he won’t jeopardize U.S. wealth on “dreams.” Our oceans are suffering from coral reef bleaching, acidification, and massive amounts of plastic debris. Personal… Read more »

2020 legislative session

The 2020 legislative session, which begins Tuesday, is crucial to all Minnesotans who want our state to move towards 100% clean energy and carbon-free transportation. It is uncertain exactly what will come out of this session, but there are several initiatives MN350 Action will be monitoring: Transportation bonding bill Our partners with the Transportation Forward table… Read more »

Caucus for climate on February 25!

As 2020 began, I felt deep anxiety but also an unexpected sense of hope. It’s difficult to overstate the impact that this year’s elections will have on our collective future. But until recently, I struggled with a sense of futility about the political process. I’ll vote, but what could have a deeper impact? When I… Read more »

Clean cars a benefit for Minnesota

In celebration of Gov. Tim Walz’s proposed Clean Cars MN standards, MN350 volunteer Daniel Tikk wrote a column for the Duluth News Tribune. Daniel sums up the environmental, societal, and financial benefits of improved transportation emissions. We’re already feeling the impacts of climate change in Minnesota, and a move toward low emissions and electric vehicles… Read more »

Pining for the bogs and the Boundary Waters

The impacts of climate change are far from consistent across different regions of the world. The Arctic, for example, is warming two times faster than the rest of the globe due to the intensity of climate feedback loops such as ice sheet loss and permafrost melt. Distinct ocean hot spots are causing massive sea life… Read more »

Transit as a climate solution

Imagine a future in which, instead of sitting in our cars, stuck in traffic, we could get everywhere we needed to go on electric buses, on trains, or by walking or riding our bikes in safe, separated lanes. Imagine a future where you don’t need to fill your tank at a gas station every week,… Read more »