Big Oil vs. EVs

Big Oil vs. EVs

We may have just seen the first skirmish in a war between Big Oil and clean energy in Minnesota. And clean energy won. In 2018, Minneapolis-based electricity and natural gas utility Xcel Energy announced a $25 million pilot program for electric vehicles, or EVs. As part of the plan, Xcel would support 350 new public… Read more »

Move faster, Xcel

Xcel Energy needs our help. The Minnesota utility has developed its next 15-year plan, and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty timid. So, Xcel needs its customers to come forward and tell the company, “Buck up. Show some courage. Be a leader.” To be sure, after getting a swift kick from the Minnesota Legislature in… Read more »

Easy actions for the climate

To ensure that the climate crisis is a top priority for our elected officials, it’s crucial that they regularly hear from constituents from across Minnesota. One way MN350 makes that happen is through the Climate Majority Project (CMP), a collection of more than 1,000 climate activists throughout our state who have committed to taking biweekly… Read more »