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Tell MN Attorney General Keith Ellison: Take a Stand Against Line 3

At the 2015 Tar Sands Resistance March, then-Congressman Keith Ellison took a stand against crude oil pipelines. He talked about how the oil industry prioritizes making money over real human consequences. He told us that there were members of the Minnesota State Legislature standing and fighting with us. (You can watch his full speech here.) However, since… Read more »

Imagine Joy

Imagine a world that doesn’t run on fossil fuels. What would that world look like? How would we get to school and to work? How would we grow our food? How would we heat our homes in the winter? How would we spend our leisure time? What opportunities would be available in such a world?… Read more »

Tell MN Pollution Control Agency: electric buses, not fossil fuel pollution

Do you remember when Volkswagen cheated on emissions tests? When the company installed illegal defeat devices into 11 million diesel vehicles that then emitted as much as 40 times more than permitted by law of NOx, a powerful air pollutant? The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency does, because the agency is deciding how to spend $47… Read more »

Meaningless or meaningful words?

Longtime MN350 volunteer Hobart Stocking is an environmentalist and author of the following post from his SkyWaterEarth (SWE) blog: If I hear someone say that the climate is an existential crisis one more time, I am going to puke. I don’t much like the word environment either. It has four syllables. Think about how I… Read more »

Nation’s Clean Car Promise

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is among 24 governors who are members of the bipartisan United States Climate Alliance that on July 9, 2019, issued a statement announcing an effort to work together to support a strong national standard through the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise,” which stated:  “We, the undersigned 24 governors– a bipartisan coalition representing… Read more »

Uniting with COPAL + Latinx

Francisco Segovia, Executive Director of COPAL, and a supporter of MN350, has been a community organizer in Minnesota for more than 20 years. Originally from El Salvador, where he taught school and went to university in San Miguel, Segovia came to the United States in 1990 after the Salvadoran government began to crack down on… Read more »

Tackling tough climate questions

The climate crisis is leading organizations of all sorts to be faced with – and forced to answer – tough questions. Those tough questions were a common theme in this week’s climate news, compiled and distributed daily by MN350 volunteer Sid Farrar. Here are just a few of the tough questions on climate and the who,… Read more »

Rally for Chase to divest
Rally for Chase to divest

JPMorgan Chase was our target, the largest Wall Street financier of dirty fossil fuels, and our goal was twofold: continue to strengthen and expand our social justice community while demanding that Chase Bank and its shareholders divest from all tar sands projects including Line 3.

Write to oppose Line 3

During spring and summer 2020, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will be reviewing an application for an important water quality permit that the Enbridge pipeline company needs to build the Line 3 tar sands crude oil pipeline. The MPCA is a state agency responsible for protecting clean air and water in Minnesota. It will be… Read more »

Call it a climate CRISIS

We are in a climate crisis. Those words more accurately describe the catastrophe for the earth’s environment – and for humanity – than the phrase “climate change,” which “sounds rather passive and gentle.” That was the rationale from The Guardian editor-in-chief on May 17 in directing the news staff to use the terms “climate emergency,… Read more »