Riding Together, Thriving in Place

A campaign for community preservation along the Blue Line extension
What’s happening
The Minneapolis Blue Line Light Rail train currently connects downtown Minneapolis to MSP Airport and the city of Bloomington. The proposed Blue Line extension will connect the current line to North Minneapolis, Crystal, Robbinsdale, and Brooklyn Park — some of the most diverse communities in Minnesota. We have an opportunity to create a transit corridor that uplifts the community, invests in our neighbors, and provides an abundant experience that supports the thriving, active, and vibrant lives of the people who call this place home. The vision of an equitable transit corridor includes measures like a transit ambassador program to connect residents to resources, and systems that protect cultural landmarks and safeguard diverse resident populations from being pushed out by rising rents.
A climate justice issue
Historically, major projects like highways and transit lines displace whole communities of color and disrupt their local development. Efforts to expand transit access must not destablize the communities they are meant to serve. Extending the Blue Line without anti-displacement measures carries on the legacy of Rondo’s destruction. As we make the necessary transition away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable systems, we must ensure we are not continuing generations-long gentrification projects.
The expansion of the Blue Line provides an opportunity to do things differently, and build transit access and connectivity without destroying communities in the process.
Our campaign

Through conversations with community members, business owners, students, and transit riders, we are working to prevent local residents from marginalized communities from being further displaced by the construction of the Blue Line, ensuring that they have power in the decisions that impact them.

Openly and actively listening to and responding to the concerns, issues, and dreams that people have for their communities and for the transit system is the first step to creating better systems that work for everybody. Join us to put people ahead of profit as the Blue Line extension is planned and built.

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Join us!

We are working to simultaneously curb carbon emissions in Minnesota while also creating a transit system that works for everyone. We dream of a just transit system with safe buses, trains, and stops where everyone is welcome and treated with dignity.