100% Campaign

Campaign Spotlight

Take the 100% Pledge to make Minnesota a clean energy leader!

MN350 Action, the political wing of our organization, is working with over 40 environmental organizations, community groups and unions across the state to make Minnesota the next 100% clean energy state.

Now is the time to act. The Green New Deal captures headlines every day. States like California and Hawaii have approved bold plans to move forward with renewable energy and energy efficiency. Governors in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois have promised to push hard for 100 percent clean power legislation. Minnesota can be next!

How will we win?

MN350 has been tirelessly fighting to get fair renewable energy for all Minnesotans. By starting efforts like Climate Majority Project, or working alongside other organizations in the Coalition for Clean Transportation, we have been able to change public opinion and push major state policy changes. Major successes include lobbying Twin Cities Metro Transit to shift to a zero-emission bus fleet and pushing Gov. Walz to bring the Clean Car Standards to Minnesota, which requires car companies to start the shift away from fossil fuel cars, and bring zero-emission vehicles to our state at a price people can afford. Into the future we will push our state towards clean energy solutions such as solar and wind power and hope leave carbon emitting energies such as oil, coal, and natural gas, in the past.

A mandate for 100%: Why clean energy is vital for the future of Minnesota

We need you.

In the face a global climate crisis, a pushing for a clean, renewable energy economy is an absolute must and requires help from all around the state. Beyond signing the 100% Pledge below, you can get more involved by assisting with the Climate Majority Project, or by joining one of our energy-focused teams such as clean transit, or policy action. Together, we can put our state on the path to a clean energy economy.

Sign on to tell our legislators Minnesotans want a fast and fair transition to a clean energy economy.