Clean Transportation

Campaign Spotlight

Demanding clean vehicles in our communities

Transportation is a growing source of air pollution in our communities and is the biggest single contributor to global warming. It’s responsible for almost 1,000 deaths annually in the Twin Cities alone.

At the same time zero-emission cars, buses, and trucks are available to fill almost all of our needs. Electric cars are actually cheaper to own than gasoline-powered vehicles, but only 0.2% of vehicles in Minnesota are powered by electricity. Investing in clean technology can save us money, and the health and climate benefits are enormous.

Fighting for Minnesota’s clean air

The Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV), an administrative clean air rule, is the best tool we have for to move Minnesota away from fossil fuel vehicles. It would hold car companies accountable for the cars they produce and require that they shift to new, clean, and renewable-powered technology. It’s a winning policy for our climate, our air, our drivers, and Minnesota’s economy.

The Walz administration has the power to adopt the ZEV standard and make Minnesota a regional leader in improving our health and fighting climate-damaging pollution.

Ask Governor Walz to support clean cars: