Clean Transportation

Campaign Spotlight

Demanding clean vehicles in our communities

Air pollution caused by vehicles is the United States’ biggest single contributor to global warming. It’s responsible for up to an estimated 4,000 annual deaths in the Twin Cities alone, and disproportionately effects the young, old, low-income, and communities of color. 

At the same time zero-emission cars, buses, and trucks are available to fill almost all of our needs. Electric cars are actually cheaper to own than gasoline-powered vehicles, but only 0.2% of vehicles in Minnesota are powered by electricity. Investing in clean technology can save us money, and the health and climate benefits are enormous.

How will we win?

By starting efforts like the Coalition for Clean Transportation, we have been able to change public opinion and push major state policy changes. Our biggest successes include lobbying Twin Cities Metro Transit to start buying zero-emission buses and pushing Gov. Walz to bring the Clean Car Standards to Minnesota, which requires car companies to start the shift away from fossil fuel cars, and bring zero-emission vehicles to our state at a price people can afford.

Although we are proud of how far we’ve come, we need to ensure that Minnesota goes the distance with its promises. That’s why today, we’re calling on Metro Transit to commit a 100% Electric Bus fleet by 2030.

  • Electric buses create no tailpipe pollution—meaning fewer toxic chemicals in low-income, dense communities across the Twin Cities.
  • They cut carbon emissions substantially—by as much as 70% compared to conventional buses.
  • Switching over is more than economically feasible—electric buses actually cost less overall than our current fleet, because of the cost savings on fuel.


A mandate for 100%: Why clean energy is vital for the future of Minnesota

We need you.

In the face a global climate crisis, a pushing for a clean air and green transportation needs to be one of our highest priorities. Beyond signing the pledge below, you can get more involved by assisting with one of our teams such as clean transit, or policy action that help fight for clean transportation solutions.

Ask Governor Walz to support clean cars: