Because we are all treaty people

What is RISE?

The Resilient Indigenous Sisters Engaging Coalition began in response to Enbridge’s Line 3 relocation project, which failed to secure informed consent of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. RISE works to protect land and water, treaties, and the rights of native people. By ensuring native people are properly consulted and represented in tribal decisions, RISE is pushing to add the voice of the people to tribal dialogues. RISE also works to educate native and non-native people on Treaty rights and responsibilities.


RISE was founded by MN350’s Northern Minnesota organizer, Nancy Beaulieu, along with Debra Topping, Anna Yliniemi, and Dawn Goodwin. They developed a coalition to protect the balance of the four sacred elements: the nibi, aki, noodin, & ishkode. As a coalition of sisters, they work to be a resilient force in tribal, local, and state governments. Through public speaking and networking, RISE educates native and non-native people on treaty obligations.

Responsibility to uphold treaties

Treaty education and protection are not the sole duty of native people. We are all treaty people. Non-native people are living on stolen land and continue to benefit from treaties while not honoring them. It is the responsibility of non-native people to know and respect the obligations included in federal and state treaties. Support from allies is critical to help RISE succeed in its mission. Treaties protect all of us.



Help MN350 support RISE

By making a donation to RISE through MN350, you enable RISE to pursue legal action and to challenge the Line 3 tar sands pipeline and unjust policies such as the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe land transfer bill. Your donation helps give voice to the tribal communities in Minnesota while also honoring treaties.