Stop Line 3: What are the risks?

  • Line 3 will cross 192+ bodies of water, including the Mississippi River twice.
  • An area in Alberta of land roughly the size of Florida will be destroyed for tar sands oil extraction.
  • An Enbridge pipeline ruptured in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River in 2010. Seven years and $1 billion later, residents report that the river still has oil on the bottom.
  • Crude oil contains over 1,000 chemicals, including harmful carcinogens like benzene.
  • Line 3 threatens native culture and livelihoods by crossing treaty territory, where native people have the right to live off the land.
  • There are 20 wild rice lakes within just one mile of Line 3 where many native people harvest this sacred food
  • Line 3 will be nearly 2x bigger than the old pipeline it replaces, carrying up to 370,000 more barrels of oil a day.
  • The additional oil transported through Line 3 is the equivalent of the total CO2 daily emissions of 16- 18 million cars, every year the pipeline operates.
  • Line 3 has a climate change cost to society of $287 billion in damage over 30 years, according to the State of MN