ED Talks: Preparing for energy democracy

ED Talks: Preparing for energy democracy
ED Talks: Preparing for energy democracy

You flip the switch. The light comes on. What does a simple action like that have to do with a great big idea like energy democracy? Let’s start with energy democracy. At its simplest, energy democracy occurs when the people who use energy are the people who make decisions about it—where it comes from, how… Read more »

Earth Day action for clean energy jobs

Nicole here on the blog, and it’s my first time publishing a piece. I’m honored to be co-writing it with Danielle, one of our climate justice organizers at MN350 and a dear friend of mine. Within MN350, I serve as the statewide organizing director. To break that down, I essentially get to peek into all… Read more »

Amazon workers strike in Shakopee

On July 15, dozens of workers at the Amazon fulfillment center warehouse in Shakopee staged a one-day strike to protest working conditions. Joining the workers were members of the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice group from Seattle, supporters from several local unions, elected officials, and many activist organizations, including MN350. MN350 supported this strike by… Read more »

March to Protect the Sacred!

This post originally appeared on Antidote Zine and is published here with permission. MN350 is committed to working with partners to bring about climate justice and fight Line 3. Please join us and the Movement to Stop Line 3 on Monday, Oct. 14, in Clearbrook, Minn. Next Monday, 14 October 2019, is Indigenous People’s Day,… Read more »

Does personal choice matter?

We’ve written about personal choices before, and I think it’s clear to the followers of MN350 that we believe strongly in the power of collective action.  But a recent piece from Vox made me think about personal choice and its impact on who feels excluded from the movement. Mary Annaise Heglar writes a compelling piece… Read more »

A mandate for 100%

Climate change is transforming Minnesota in ways we’re only beginning to understand, but we know it’s an immediate threat to our state. As one of the fastest warming states in the country, Minnesota is already starting to feel the impacts of climate change. If we don’t address it and soon, Minnesota’s seasons, weather, and natural… Read more »

The benefits of clean energy

It’s difficult to know where to begin to think about what 100% clean energy means for Minnesota. It’s difficult because it’s like asking the question what does water mean to a fish? It is life. It is a future. It’s the only way. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued their most dire… Read more »