A win for clean transportation

A win for clean transportation
A win for clean transportation

The future is electric, and that future is one step closer to reality today. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has announced that it received applications for more than 40 electric school buses for a $3 million proposed pilot project. The funds are allocated from Minnesota’s portion of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal settlement funds,… Read more »

March to Protect the Sacred!

This post originally appeared on Antidote Zine and is published here with permission. MN350 is committed to working with partners to bring about climate justice and fight Line 3. Please join us and the Movement to Stop Line 3 on Monday, Oct. 14, in Clearbrook, Minn. Next Monday, 14 October 2019, is Indigenous People’s Day,… Read more »

Does personal choice matter?

We’ve written about personal choices before, and I think it’s clear to the followers of MN350 that we believe strongly in the power of collective action.  But a recent piece from Vox made me think about personal choice and its impact on who feels excluded from the movement. Mary Annaise Heglar writes a compelling piece… Read more »

Tell MN Pollution Control Agency: electric buses, not fossil fuel pollution

Do you remember when Volkswagen cheated on emissions tests? When the company installed illegal defeat devices into 11 million diesel vehicles that then emitted as much as 40 times more than permitted by law of NOx, a powerful air pollutant? The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency does, because the agency is deciding how to spend $47… Read more »