Amazon workers strike in Shakopee

Amazon workers strike in Shakopee

On July 15, dozens of workers at the Amazon fulfillment center warehouse in Shakopee staged a one-day strike to protest working conditions. Joining the workers were members of the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice group from Seattle, supporters from several local unions, elected officials, and many activist organizations, including MN350. MN350 supported this strike by… Read more »

Nation’s Clean Car Promise

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is among 24 governors who are members of the bipartisan United States Climate Alliance that on July 9, 2019, issued a statement announcing an effort to work together to support a strong national standard through the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise,” which stated:  “We, the undersigned 24 governors– a bipartisan coalition representing… Read more »

Tackling tough climate questions

The climate crisis is leading organizations of all sorts to be faced with – and forced to answer – tough questions. Those tough questions were a common theme in this week’s climate news, compiled and distributed daily by MN350 volunteer Sid Farrar. Here are just a few of the tough questions on climate and the who,… Read more »

Call it a climate CRISIS

We are in a climate crisis. Those words more accurately describe the catastrophe for the earth’s environment – and for humanity – than the phrase “climate change,” which “sounds rather passive and gentle.” That was the rationale from The Guardian editor-in-chief on May 17 in directing the news staff to use the terms “climate emergency,… Read more »

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal keeps showing up in news headlines, to the point the proposal now has a newsworthy acronym (GND), a well-established hashtag (#GreenNewDeal), and a nationwide tour hosted by the Sunrise youth climate activist movement that now has roots in Minnesota. As the GND continues to stir up controversy, it is also prompting… Read more »