Clean Plate Club Restaurant: Butter Bakery

Clean Plate Club Restaurant: Butter Bakery
Clean Plate Club Restaurant: Butter Bakery

Dan Swenson-Klatt opened Butter Bakery in 2006 with the idea of community in mind. In a culture full of restaurants disconnected from their customers, their ingredients, and their workers, it’s more important than ever to ask what it means to encourage and support one another, what it means to be a good neighbor, and what… Read more »

Clean Plate Club Restaurant: Wise Acre Eatery
Clean Plate Club Restaurant: Wise Acre Eatery

Wise Acre Eatery was started 10 years ago in Minneapolis by two horticulturists passionate about food and farming. The modern eatery seeks to spread its love of sustainable, local food to all its patrons. As a farm-to-fork eatery, Wise Acre has created a closed-loop waste system for the establishment: Their food waste is returned to… Read more »

MN350’s Clean Plate Club

A few years ago, as an environmental studies major facing an uncertain future and dealing with climate anxiety, I began to seek out climate work that gave me hope and helped me feel that my individual actions could have an impact. Discovering the work being done in regenerative agriculture and local food systems helped spark… Read more »

Rising energy prices highlight the need for clean energy

A few weeks ago, the gas station near my house was selling gas at $4.79 per gallon, an outrageous increase from a few months ago, not to mention the increased costs to heat my home this winter – and no signs of relief in sight. National prices were not any better with an average price… Read more »

From plate to planet: What I’ve learned about the ethics of climate change

Philosophy is a subject matter concerned primarily with the question of how to live. I felt right at home in my first ethics class, always looking for ways to meld my studies in the classroom with my actions in everyday life. The most drastic questioning came following an argument by a classmate regarding the mistreatment… Read more »

Huber Mill: Preferential treatment endangers MN Leech Lake Band Area

Minnesota has been working with the Huber corporation, based in New Jersey, for the past few years to help Huber set up a new lumber mill in northern Minnesota. The mill would operate on the doorstep of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and the city of Cohasset, but the latter has had far more… Read more »

In summary: The 2022 MN legislative session

The Minnesota legislative session wrapped up May 23. If you’re wondering what was accomplished during that session, the answer is: not as much as we would’ve liked. The House Climate Action Caucus proposed a plan to spend $1 billion on climate. However, the only piece of legislation that was passed that included any climate provisions… Read more »

Camp Firelight

Camp Firelight was an 1855 Treaty People Gathering and Prayer Occupation on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi in northern MN – June 8-14, 2021. It all began with the We Are All Treaty People Gathering held on June 5-8, 2021, an event planned and supported by several grassroots and non-profit organizations, it was a… Read more »

MPR In Focus: Environmental Justice and Minnesota’s Climate Future

As part of Earth Month 2022, MPR invited MN350 Executive Director Tee McClenty to join Indigenous Peoples Task Force Executive Director Sharon M. Day and Comunidades Organizando el Poder y la Acción Latina (COPAL) Executive Director Francisco Segovia for a virtual discussion exploring some of the meaningful and culturally specific ways environmental justice is being… Read more »

Meet MN350’s new Executive Director Theresa “Tee” McClenty

  In February, MN350 welcomed Theresa “Tee” McClenty as its executive director. Tee brings a wealth of experience in executive leadership, fundraising, strategic planning, and team development. Previously, she worked at NorthPoint Health and Wellness and served as executive director of the Minnesota School Employees Association and executive vice president of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. Tee… Read more »