Episodes from the third season of Nourish by MN350

Episodes from the third season of Nourish by MN350

In this season’s 2nd episode,”Changing the Course of a Neighborhood,” volunteers Shannon Lippke and Jeff Diamond interview three board members of the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI): Dean Dovolis, Karen Clark, and Cassandra Holmes. For years, EPNI has fought on behalf of Minneapolis’ East Phillips neighborhood, a majority BIPOC community with a history of rampant… Read more »

Ways to celebrate Earth month 2022 in Minnesota

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and there are events happening all month. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Earth month in Minnesota. Activities: Earth Day Festival 5K, April 21, St. Cloud Ashdown Forest School Earth Day Celebration, April 22, Breezy Point Celebrate Earth Day with MNIPL, April 22, Minneapolis Earth… Read more »

Minneapolis mobilizes for climate and equity

There is a movement happening in Minneapolis. For the past four months, teams of people from every ward across the city have been gathering around a simple but revolutionary idea: that every single person – regardless of where they live, how much they make, or the color of their skin – deserves to live and… Read more »

What was the big deal about the 2021 summer drought?

Throughout recorded history, all regions have recognized cycles of drought. Every decade or two, a given region experiences dry conditions with often devastating consequences for agriculture. But like all cycles, there has always been a natural balance between wet and dry years with most years falling somewhere in the middle. While the boom-and-bust cycle isn’t… Read more »

Catch up on Nourish, MN350 Action’s podcast

As the Nourish by MN350 podcast team prepares for its third season, we’re rebroadcasting past episodes to remind us how our guests are revitalizing our land, ecosystems, and communities. Use your preferred podcast player to listen (or relisten) to “A Cup That Overflows” from April 2021. Host Lisa Chou talks about food waste with Danielle… Read more »

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050: The IEA 1.5C scenario
Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050: The IEA 1.5C scenario

The following blog post summarizes a roadmap provided by the International Energy Agency focused on net-zero carbon emissions. At MN350, it is our position that net zero doesn’t adequately address the climate crisis and in many instances is used to allow polluting industries to carry on with business as usual on the promise of future… Read more »

MN350’s podcast wraps season two

MN350 recently wrapped up season two of its podcast, Nourish. In the episode “In Transition,” host Jeff Diamond explores the future of agriculture with Mhonpaj Lee, an organic farmer, real estate agent, and food advocate within the Hmong community in Minnesota. Mhonpaj and her mother run Mhonpaj’s Garden, a family organic farm focused on instruction,… Read more »

Greenwashing the airwaves

Bank of America sponsors Minnesota Public Radio’s ongoing Climate Cast series hosted by Paul Huttner, as well as the Greener Good, a three-part series on business and climate change hosted by Chris Farrell that aired earlier this year. Before the twinkly, upbeat synth guitars of the Climate Cast theme song, an authoritative-but-chill voice reads: “Through… Read more »

100% Campaign: Looking back at the legislative session
100% Campaign: Looking back at the legislative session

Last month, the 2021 State Legislative Session ended. Finally. After a 1st Special Session and a Senate-only extra week. We made some tangible progress on equitable climate solutions in 2021, but the closing days of the session were rough. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka told Gov. Tim Walz that the Senate was preparing… Read more »

Where there’s smoke, there’s devastation

NOTE: This is the second part of a three-part blog on the Line 3 pipeline. Part 1 decodes Line 3 language. In early January, when construction started on Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline, the temperature in northern Minnesota near Bemidji, MN was brisk and cloud cover made the sky overcast and grey. Or so residents thought.… Read more »