Meet our MN350 volunteers

Meet our MN350 volunteers
Meet our MN350 volunteers

At MN350, our volunteers are the cornerstone of our success. We march, write letters, make phone calls and mobilize our neighbors to take collaborative action to address climate change. We are truly a grassroots organization with more passionate people joining our movement every day. Today, we want to introduce you to a few of our… Read more »

Amazon workers strike in Shakopee

On July 15, dozens of workers at the Amazon fulfillment center warehouse in Shakopee staged a one-day strike to protest working conditions. Joining the workers were members of the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice group from Seattle, supporters from several local unions, elected officials, and many activist organizations, including MN350. MN350 supported this strike by… Read more »

1,200 say stop Line 3 at Gichi-gami Gathering
1,200 say stop Line 3 at Gichi-gami Gathering

On September 28th in Duluth, 1,200 of us came together for a really amazing event: the Gichi-gami Gathering to Stop Line 3.  I’m writing to share a few memories of this day and what comes next. Even if you weren’t able to join us in Duluth, I hope you can join the March on… Read more »

Tell MN Attorney General Keith Ellison: Take a Stand Against Line 3

At the 2015 Tar Sands Resistance March, then-Congressman Keith Ellison took a stand against crude oil pipelines. He talked about how the oil industry prioritizes making money over real human consequences. He told us that there were members of the Minnesota State Legislature standing and fighting with us. (You can watch his full speech here.) However, since… Read more »

Meaningless or meaningful words?

Longtime MN350 volunteer Hobart Stocking is an environmentalist and author of the following post from his SkyWaterEarth (SWE) blog: If I hear someone say that the climate is an existential crisis one more time, I am going to puke. I don’t much like the word environment either. It has four syllables. Think about how I… Read more »

Personal choices and actions

I’m the sort of person who likes when my personal choices have clear and immediate results; when an early night in bed is followed by a deep sleep and a productive morning or when the after-glow from a challenging run makes me feel like I could take on the world. How is it then, that… Read more »

Announcing our climate justice blog!

We have 12 years, until the year 2030, to take significant action to stave off the worst effects of climate change.   When I first read about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report from October 2019, I felt an enormous amount of fear for our future and some days still do. But the past few… Read more »