The Road Ahead for Clean Cars Minnesota

Where We Are 

Over 14,000 Minnesotans submitted comments in favor of the rule through the Clean Cars MN Coalition partners, and 1,400 came from MN350 supporters! This surpassed our goal of 1,000 comments by nearly 50%. We also got 8 Letters to the Editor published by team members, developed a partnership with many great groups around the state, hosted many workshops and webinars, and submitted a robust rebuttal breaking down the misinformation propagated by MADA.

What Happens Next 

As of March 22, the Administrative Law Judge has 30 days to review the evidence and recommend that the MPCA adopt the LEV standard, the ZEV standard, or both. The ALJ also gets to recommend which type of credit banking system to use. There are MANY comments and a lot of data, so the ALJ may request an extension. We would hear a ruling in late April at the earliest. 

The Challenge We Face 

Problematically, some Minnesota Senators are working to strip the MPCA’s authority to do its job. The pro-pollution bill authored by Senator Matthews is advancing – on March 23 it was voted out of the state Senate’s Finance Committee in a 6-4 vote. We need to work together to stop this harmful legislation

What You Can Do 

Our team is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, April 13 at 7:00 PM to put a stop to the Pro-Pollution Bill. We want you to join us in order to take action and protect the voices of Minnesotans. You made a comment – now make sure it counts. Take action to stop the Pro-Pollution Bill on April 13.  


Updated 03/25/2021

What is Clean Cars Minnesota?  

Clean Cars MN is a groundbreaking set of rules proposed by Governor Walz to combat the biggest source of pollution in our state: the auto industry. It includes two different rules:

  • The Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard makes sure that Minnesota’s gasoline cars keep getting more efficient, despite Trump’s rollback.
  • The Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standard goes one step further and requires car manufacturers to start shifting their Minnesota sales towards emission-free vehicles.

How Clean Cars MN will benefit Minnesotans

Passing this ruling will have many benefits for Minnesotans. To name a few:

Health benefits:

  • Clean Cars would result in a long-term reduction in pollutants, improving air quality and overall public health for all Minnesotans.
  • According to a report by the MPCA air pollutants lead to 2,000-4,000 deaths, 500 additional hospital stays, and 800 ER visits annually across the state, with the bulk of pollutants coming from transportation. Life & Breath report.
  • The health burden of air pollution is predominantly borne by communities of color and low income communities – 32% of our state’s population are above risk guidelines for air pollution. Compare this to 46% of low income community members and 91% of communities of color and indigenous communities. The Air We Breathe.

Environmental benefits:

  • Currently, the transportation sector in MN contributes 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions, with the majority of those from light duty vehicles (passenger cars & trucks). Clean Cars would promote the transition to cleaner, greener electric vehicles and decrease total vehicle emissions.
  • The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency estimates that adopting the Clean Cars standard would reduce annual carbon emissions by 2 million tons by 2030.

Save $

  • Electricity is a less expensive and more price-stable source of fuel.
  • Electric vehicles are 3-4x more fuel efficient than traditional combustion engine vehicles
  • Despite a higher upfront cost, adopting the Clean Car standards would save the average Minnesota family $2,850 in gas.
  • Electric vehicles maintenance and repair costs can be up to 60% lower than traditional vehicles because of simpler mechanics.

More Choice

  • Of the 43 electric vehicle models available in the US, Minnesota dealerships currently only carry about half. Clean Cars will continually increase this number. Car makers have prioritized states who’ve adopted the Clean Car standards.