Clean Transportation

Demanding clean vehicles in our communities

Air pollution caused by vehicles is the United States’ biggest single contributor to global warming. It’s responsible for up to an estimated 4,000 annual deaths in the Twin Cities alone, and disproportionately effects the young, old, low-income, and communities of color. 

At the same time zero-emission cars, buses, and trucks are available to fill almost all of our needs. Electric cars are actually cheaper to own than gasoline-powered vehicles, but only 0.2% of vehicles in Minnesota are powered by electricity. Investing in clean technology can save us money, and the health and climate benefits are enormous.

What we do

MN350 is a leading member of the Coalition for Clean Transportation. Launched in 2018, the Coalition is committed to the belief that climate action requires advancing proactive solutions and industry-wide shifts towards cleaner, healthier alternatives. We’re organizing everyday Minnesotans and communities for clean air, a stable climate, and a just economic transition from our dirty fuel economy.

And we’re already winning:

  • We pushed Gov. Walz to bring the Clean Car Standards to Minnesota, which requires car companies to start the shift away from fossil fuel cars, and bring zero-emission vehicles to our state at a price people can afford.
  • With bus riders united, we successfully lobbied Metro Transit in the Twin Cities to shift to a zero-emission bus fleet. Other government agencies are planning fleet transitions, as well.
  • We’re changing the conversation on public transportation. With our allies, we’re demanding better transit systems throughout the state, including expanded and improved public transit, and resources for bike/walk infrastructure.


Why it matters

Fortunately, we already have the technology that can get us to a clean energy economy. Zero-emission options are already available to fill almost all of our needs for cars, buses, and trucks. We can invest in these technologies will help us save money overall due to the dramatic decreasing in running cost of Electric Vehicles. Not to mention, the enormous health and climate benefits it could bring to our communities and globe.

How to get involved

Thanks to the work of ordinary people like you, Minnesotans are buying in to a Clean Transportation future, to save money on fuel, end toxic air pollution, and combat climate change for future generations. If you’re interested in joining us, you can sign the clean transit petition below, making sure to check the box at the bottom indicating you’d like to volunteer. Additionally, you can join us at one of our regular transportation team meetings, featured on our event page, or you can directly email organizer Sonita van der Leeuw with further questions.