Your voice needed: Clean Cars MN

Background: What is Clean Cars MN?

Clean Cars MN is a groundbreaking set of rules proposed by Governor Walz to combat the biggest source of pollution in our state: the auto industry. It includes two different rules:

  • The Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard makes sure that Minnesota’s gasoline cars keep getting more efficient, despite Trump’s rollback.
  • The Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standard goes one step further and requires car manufacturers to start shifting their Minnesota sales towards emission-free vehicles.

To make it happen, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency needs to hear that the public wants this change. Right now, the state is trying to establish the “need” for rules to deal with pollution that harms our climate and human health. They need to hear from ordinary Minnesotans why it’s a priority.

The MPCA will release a draft rule and open a public comment period. In August, we’ll have the chance to tell the MPCA that we need the full Clean Car Standards implemented.

To learn more about Clean Cars Minnesota, visit the MPCA web site.