Climate Justice Internship

Mission, purpose, and programs of our organization:

MN350 is a dynamic, volunteer-led grassroots organization building a people’s movement to demand that Minnesota take a leadership role in addressing the climate crisis in a just and sustainable way. Programs include:

  • Working with a statewide coalition to move Minnesota to 100% clean energy
  • Pipeline resistance campaign to stop Line 3
  • Public education through climate conversations, outreach, and deep canvassing
  • Advocacy for policy to support clean transportation infrastructure
Intern projects and work:

Interns will work with staff to design an internship that fits their interests and the needs of the organization. As part of building a climate justice movement, most interns will spend some time on outreach and non-profit management (including data entry and fundraising). Other potential areas of concentration are described below.

Pipeline resistance

The MN350 Pipeline Resistance Team works to stop the expansion of oil pipelines that threaten our drinking water, climate and communities in MN, and keep harmful tar sand oil in the ground.

Policy action

The MN350 Policy Action Team works to inform Minnesota policymakers on issues related to climate change and engage them in taking action for climate justice. We are working in coalition to move Minnesota to adopt 100% clean energy by building relationships of trust and accountability between MN350 and our MN representatives.

Clean Transportation 

The Clean Transportation team advocates for zero-emission policies that can save money and protect our health and climate. We’re organizing everyday Minnesotans and communities for clean air, a stable climate, and a just economic transition from our dirty fuel economy.

Solutions Team

The Solutions Team is a new initiative from MN350 volunteers to “build the positives” by pushing industry-wide shifts toward sustainable alternatives and envisioning the world we want to see. We are working to advance renewable agriculture, clean transportation, efficient just energy, and more.

Skills and experience

We work with people from diverse backgrounds.  Interns would benefit from having experience working in groups, and managing projects, strong interpersonal and writing and communication skills. Bi-lingual in Spanish is a plus but not required.

How to Apply

This internship is unpaid. To apply, read through current projects below, and send resume and cover letter to

Current Projects


Policy Action Team

Lobbying Coordinator (through the end of Legislative Session) – Point person: Mysti Babineau

  • Communicate with people who are interested in in-person meetings with their legislator.
  • Help coordinate lobby day scheduling.

Climate Majority Project – Point person: Lois Norrgard

  • Communicate with people who are interested in building a relationship with their legislator on a regular basis over email, phone and social media.


Pipeline Resistance Team

Letters to the editor – Point person: Julia Fritz-Endres

  • Recruit volunteers to write letters to the editor on pipeline issues in key districts, especially Northern Minnesota.
  • Coach on writing best practices

Line 3 permits (Through September 2019) – Point person: Andy Pearson

  • Engaging and organizing around remaining Line 3 permits  – requires legal and power analysis knowledge of bureaucratic processes and how to organize public participation around them.

Line 3 house parties – Point person: Sarah Harper

  • Reaching out to potential hosts to design the structure of their gathering and going over MN350’s house party toolkit materials
  • Promoting the event on email and Facebook
  • Frequently following up with the host to answer questions and provide any necessary support
  • Debriefing the event and collecting participant contact information.


Solutions Team

Zero Emission Vehicle Turnout – Point person: Noa Shavit-Lonstein

  • Coordinate turnout to influence rule-making, including a circulating a petition, soliciting comments, and scheduling folks for in-person visits to the Governor and team.

Regenerative Agriculture Letter writing campaign – Point person: Stan Sattinger

  • Helping and encouraging people to write to food distributors


Social Media/Communications – No team affiliation required

Social media amplifiers – Point person: Brett Benson

  • Reach out to and orient people who have expressed interest in helping to amplify MN350’s campaigns over social media.
  • Communicate key campaign messages and check in with team members.

At-event communications – Point person: Ulla Nilsen

  • Help recruit and orient Twitter live-streamers, writers, photographers and videographers who are available to attend MN350 events.
  • Communicate with campaign teams to understand current messaging guidelines.
  • Let at-event communications team know about upcoming events and coordinate who can attend which one.
  • Provide feedback and celebrate successes.

Photography team – Point person: Brett Benson

  • Make sure event photographers photos get into our Flickr account
  • Keep photo storage system organized.



100% House Parties/Climate Conversations – Point person: Ulla Nilsen. Should be able to attend Education and Outreach Team meetings, first Monday of the month.

  • Reach out to potential house party hosts and coordinate scheduling with house party facilitators.
  • Orient hosts regarding their responsibilities and what to expect.

Welcome Event Coordinator – Point person: Ulla Nilsen. Should be able to attend Education and Outreach Team meetings, first Monday of the month.

  • Work with volunteers to put on a regularly scheduled Welcome Event



House Parties  – Point person: Kate Jacobson and/or Grant Stevenson.

  • Work with MN350 staff to reach fundraising goal through individual house parties by either helping to coordinate a cluster of house parties the spring and/or fall or to support one of house parties hosted by our major donors throughout the year
  • Involves supporting house party host with planning, logistics and guest tracking and could include helping to train on telling a powerful story and making a strong ask (staff support included here)

Spring Appeal  – Point person: Kate Jacobson

  • Help coordinate the drafting and editing of our direct mail piece and online outreach (email, social media, etc)
  • Work with printer and mailhouse to deliver direct mail pieces
  • Collaborate with house party coordinator to reach goal set for the appeal
  • Track progress of the appeal

Monthly Donor Drive/MN350 Action Membership Drive  – Point person: Brett Benson

  • Work with MN350 staff to design and coordinate a monthly giving drive to reach our fundraising goals
  • Help coordinate the drafting and editing of drive communication pieces both online and offline
  • Help recruit volunteers to help text and/or phone bank

Grants Coordinator   – Point person: Kevin Whelan

  • Track deadlines and progress of grants submitted and received
  • Keeping grant documents organized
  • Help coordinate volunteers supporting grant writing for MN350 and MN350 Action by supplying information and documentation relevant to each grant application

Fundraising Event Coordinators  – Point person: Kate Jacobson and Kevin Whelan

  • Throughout the year we have events sponsored by MN350 or by allies in the community who want to raise funds on our behalf. We are looking for volunteers interested in stepping in to help coordinate these fundraising events/efforts as they arise.
  • Includes meeting with event host to understand our role, help recruit volunteers and promote through MN350 offline and online communication channels