Communications Internship

Mission, purpose, and programs of our organization:

MN350 is a dynamic, volunteer-led grassroots organization building a people’s movement to demand that Minnesota take a leadership role in addressing the climate crisis in a just and sustainable way.

We are seeking creative, energetic interns to assist with communications, including the following responsibilities:

  • Write and design content for use on web and social media
  • Design outreach materials such as flyers and posters
  • Produce video or text interviews of volunteers to help them tell their climate movement stories
  • Call reporters and send news releases
  • Learn to write news releases
  • Support strategic campaigns
MN350 Campaign Teams include:
Pipeline Resistance

The MN350 Pipeline Resistance team works to stop the expansion of oil pipelines that threaten our drinking water, climate and communities in MN, and keep harmful tar sand oil in the ground.

Policy Action

The MN350 Political Action Team works to inform Minnesota policymakers on issues related to climate change and engage them in taking action for climate justice. We work for clean energy, energy efficiency initiatives, by build relationships of trust and accountability between MN350 and our MN representatives.

Clean Transportation

The Clean Transportation team advocates for zero-emission policies that can save money and protect our health and climate. We’re organizing everyday Minnesotans and communities for clean air, a stable climate, and a just economic transition from our dirty fuel economy.

Food Systems Team

The Food Systems Team is one of the newer initiatives in MN350 and is building a a just transition to a food system that is local, equitable toward all who depend on it, and mindful of its impact on future generations. We’re working to advance campaigns in regenerative agriculture, food waste, plant-rich diets, food policy, and more.

This internship is unpaid. To apply, send resume and cover letter to Communications Director Brett Benson.