Communications Team

Reshaping the narrative

The goals of the communications team are to raise visibility for the climate justice movement throughout Minnesota; to inspire supporters and potential supporters to take action; to make clear the connections between climate justice and racial and economic justice; and to shape the narrative around protecting our climate from damage.

What we do

Our team supports MN350 by creating media in support of our other teams and ongoing campaigns such as the Stop Line 3 campaign or the Policy Action Team. We write emails,  blog posts, communicate on social media, or design images just like on this page to help MN350’s mission spread widely and effectively. We maintain the webpage you’re reading right now!

We are looking for talented volunteers in these areas:
    • Communications strategy
    • Email and web writing
    • Videography
    • Social media
    • Blog writing
    • Media relations
    • Graphic design


Why it matters

How we get our message across defines the image of our organization. We want to be a voice that people can trust and support. We also need people power. The communications team helps publicize MN350’s initiatives so we can get the support necessary to succeed.


How to get involved

If you’re interested in supporting our work and have skills in any of these areas, we’d love to discuss how you can get involved! Contact to get started.