MN350 Action Electoral Organizer

Position: MN350 Action, Electoral Organizer

Employment: 30-40 hours a week, contracted, hourly

Timeline: Paid orientation on Wednesday, Aug. 19 (4-6 hours), start date on Aug. 24 and end date Dec. 1.

Reporting line: Climate Justice Organizers Danielle Trajano and Grant Stevensen

Purpose: To grow MN350 Action’s base through relational organizing using the Empower App. To center climate justice and the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, and economic justice in the narrative of the 2020 elections. To co-lead mass mobilization efforts for GOTV near the November elections which will support our Rock the Vote Native Style Campaign along with our statewide organizing work. 

Required qualifications: 

  • Strong analysis of climate justice and social justice
  • Grounded in relationships
  • Experience or familiarity organizing with an orientation to movement building and broader social justice approach, including working in diverse coalitions, especially in communities of color, low-income communities, and communities impacted by climate change
  • Comfortable working independently as part of a remote team and communicating over phone, Slack, and messaging programs.
  • Proven ability to work effectively with people from diverse racial, ethnic, class, age, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds.
  • Comfortable learning and navigating new tech tools


  • Get trained in the Empower App and how to use it for relational organizing toward the 2020 elections
  • Before September 23rd, host 8 trainings on MN350 Action’s relational voter program using the Empower App
  • Supporting leaders to recruit 150 people to these trainings
  • Supporting leaders in updating bi-monthly calls to action that center climate justice and the intersections between climate change and racial justice, gender justice, and economic justice
  • After September 23rd, transitioning to hosting regular (twice a week) phone banks and text banks for our GOTV and elections work to support MN350 Action endorsed candidates

Pay: This is a consulting contract, for which MN350 Action will not pay benefits or take taxes. The contractor is entirely responsible for their own reporting of income and payment of taxes to the IRS and the MN Department of Revenue, and should not expect any form of fringe benefits in the context of this consulting agreement.  The contractor will be paid at the rate of: $20/hour, with a contract not to exceed a total amount of: $13,000

Please email a resume and cover letter to Climate Justice Organizers Danielle Trajano ( and Grant Stevensen (grant@mn350.orgby noon Friday, Aug.  14.