EWCA Week of Action

Tell Xcel Energy: no new fossil gas plant!

Week of Action Nov. 30 to Dec. 4

Fossil gas is dirty, dangerous and expensive. It’s bad for our climate and bad for our pocketbooks.

Utilities across Minnesota are rushing to build new fossil gas plants. If these plans move forward, Minnesotans will be stuck with the damage – to our climate, and to our pocketbooks – for decades to come. And, communities of color can’t afford more fossil gas as they are more likely to experience symptoms asthma and high blood pressure from air pollution linked to fossil gas extraction. For the week of November 30 – December 4, we plan to mobilize thousands of Minnesotans to resist fossil gas and tell our utilities “No New Fossil Fuels Plants”. Join us in a week of action against energy we can’t afford.

Each day, MN350 Action and its partners* from the “Energy We Can’t Afford Campaign” have plannedan easy action that exposes the economic, health, and environmental damages caused by fossil gas.

Tell the PUC you oppose fossil gas in MN


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