Fair Fares

Transit Justice for all Minnesotans

We envision a city where all of our neighbors, families, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers can make it home safe each day. Minnesotans deserve deep investment in our communities for economic, racial, and climate justice.

This legislative session the State House and Senate have introduced bills addressing fare nonpayment on Metro Transit.

These bills have good and bad. 

The good:

  • The bills mandate the transit authority to introduce “transit agents”, un-uniformed individuals who can write administrative citations.

The bad:

  • This does not remove misdemeanors from the books, meaning that a rider which accidentally skips – or cannot afford – a $2 fare may be fined $180 and have a misdemeanor on their record. This is a tax on poverty and on black and brown riders, who are 5-7 times more likely to be charged.

I am asking that you call your legislators and request that they fix this bill so that it does not unfairly punish riders (HF1306). Use the tools below to call, email, or tweet your legislator.