Food Systems Team

Local, regenerative and equitable food for our future
Who we are


Follow your food as it moves across farms, checkout counters, kitchens and waste bins. You’ll see that at every step, our food system is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, industrial farming practices degrade the environment and exploit their workforce. While Big Ag profits, the people and the environment pay.

We are fighting for a better food system – one that values people and the planet over profits. Join us in building a resilient, regenerative, and equitable food system – right here in Minnesota.


We are working to decarbonize our plates and democratize our foodways by creating connections between local, sustainable food and local food access.

We are in the process of launching a campaign to expand access to market bucks to brick and mortar locations, which will incentivize and subsidize the purchase of fresh produce to help make local, plant rich-diets accessible to all our neighbors.

What we eat matters, and all of us deserve access to food choices that align with our value for the health of our bodies, community and planet!

Plant the seeds of this work with us! We are always looking for new leaders. Contact Mia Farinas, our Food Systems Team Organizer, to learn more or have a conversation about our work.

Our History


The Food Systems Team was launched in the Spring of 2018 by a group of volunteers eager to look for practical solutions to the climate crisis.

Food Systems work in the past has focused on a variety of climate solutions and created many educational resources advocating for regenerative agriculture, the reduction of food waste in restaurants, and increasing access to plant-rich diets.

Learn more at these pages and check out Nourish by MN350, our volunteer-powered podcast, which features the visionary leaders who are building the resilient, regenerative, and equitable food system we deserve, right here in Minnesota.