Fundraising Team

Raising the money to help us go the distance

MN350’s Fundraising team supports MN350 by planning and executing inspiring fundraising events around the state. We pride ourselves rasing the funds to help our fight for climate justice go the distance!


Check out our events page featuring a number of the Fundraising Team’s efforts!


What we do

The MN350 Fundraising Team works to raise capital resources to financially support our staff, campaigns, website and capacity building.  This team is a great fit for folks who can volunteer from home, or are available to meet during the day. Current Projects include the MN350 Gala, membership drive, fundraising appeals, grant writing, house parties and other fundraising events.

How to get involved

The fundraising team has events going on all year. If you would like to get involved with just one, or if you’d like to become a long term member of our team, sign up below!