Our kids deserve clean electric school buses

Now is the time to get free electric school buses in Minnesota!

Thanks to federal funding, it’s easier than ever to get FREE electric buses in our school districts.

The EPA’s Clean School Bus Rebate Program is open right now, but the application can be daunting. Your school district needs to hear from parents, kids, and community members in order to take time out of their busy schedules to apply.

We can’t let this opportunity pass us by! Write to your school district today and tell them: Our students deserve clean electric school buses.

The EPA’s Clean School Bus Rebate Program closes January 31, 2024, so we need to start the application process right now!


Step 1: Find your school district

Using this directory, look through each tab to find your district*.

PRO TIP: Try using Command F to search for your school’s name in each tab. If nothing pops up, that means that your school isn’t listed yet in our directory and you will need to input it.

Not sure where your school fits? Contact us!

Step 2: Find your school district’s contact information & send an email

We have contact info for some districts and not others.

If the info for your school district is listed, use the provided information to send them an email using our template.

If the info for your school district is NOT listed, search Google for: [Your School’s Name] Transportation Director.

This will likely redirect you to your school’s website where you should be able to find the contact information for your school’s Transportation Director. If it is difficult to find, you can search for the Superintendent instead.

Use the information you found to send them an email using our template.

Step 3: Record what you did

Type your initials next to your school’s listing in the directory so we can keep track of who has been contacted.

If you found your school’s contact information, please add that to the Directory as well to help others!


*What does each tab in the Directory mean?


TAB #1: Instructions & Overview

Refer to this tab for these same instructions


TAB #2: EPA Prioritization Info

Want to know more about which schools are eligible for additional funding and prioritization? Check out this tab!


TAB #3: 2022 Waitlist

MN350’s Clean Transportation Team will be contacting these districts. If your district is listed in this tab, feel free to send them a message as well — the more the merrier!


TAB #4: Prioritized School Districts

These districts have been identified as being high-need, rural, receiving basic support payments for children who reside on Indian land, or Bureau-funded. As such, they will be offered more funding and receive preference in the selection process.


TAB #5: Self-Certiable Districts

These districts have more than 35,000 students and/or serve more than 45 schools. As such, they may be able to certify themselves as priority districts.


TAB #6: Public Schools

These are the remaining public school districts that are not self-certiable or prioritized, however the EPA will be giving up to 40% of their rebates to non-priority schools so it’s still important to apply! 


TAB #7: Private Schools

If your school is not a public school, you will have to input your school’s information in this tab.