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Be a part of the solution: Volunteer

At MN350, volunteers are key to our success. Together we march, write letters, make phone calls and mobilize our neighbors to take collaborative action against climate change. We are immensely thankful for the passionate Minnesotans joining our movement every single day. No matter if you’re skilled in art, writing, public speaking, legal communication, or underwater basket weaving, there’s opportunities for you here.

Volunteers can get involved in one of our teams, such as Policy Action or Education and Community Outreach, or sign on to specific campaigns such as the Climate Majority Project or Stop Line 3 campaign. Most groups have regular meetings open to the public which you can find on our event page. If you aren’t sure what you’d like to do, or want to get to know our organization a bit better, our event page also has regular welcome events to help new volunteers decide what their role in our organization might look like.

New to MN350? Heres a quick guide to current events and projects

At MN350, we want volunteers to help us in our mission, but also to feel at home. When you sign up to take on climate change activism with us, we hope you will find community in the process. As a volunteer-led organization, we strive to make our organization a welcoming space to explore your interests within environmental activism and meet other like-minded people. Don’t believe us? Listen to our volunteers yourself!

We hope you will use your talents to help MN350 defend Minnesota’s climate, water, and communities. Please fill out the interest form below, and we will follow up with you soon.