Our mission

“What can we do today so that tomorrow we can do what we are unable to do today?” – Paulo Freire

Our Mission

MN350 unites Minnesotans as part of a global movement to end the pollution damaging our climate, speed the transition to clean energy, and create a just and healthy future for all.

Our Vision

We seek to transition from an extractive economy based on fossil fuels and consumption to a sustainable, life-affirming economy with energy from the wind and sun. We insist leaders act boldly to expedite that transition. We work to guarantee that benefits flow first to marginalized communities that are historically excluded from economic gain. We seek to build sustainable energy, transportation and food systems that protect our health and the health of our communities.

Our vision rests in deep awareness that the climate crisis emerged from an old and morally bankrupt story. The old story held that humans exist separate from nature and ordained to conquer nature, devour its gifts and dominate non-human life.

Fighting climate change requires dismantling the intertwined systems of oppression that have flourished within this old story. Thus our vision encompasses the uprooting of the systems of racism, gender oppression, the dispossession of indigenous people, and predatory capitalism.

Our vision for climate justice extends to reclaiming and repairing our broken democracy. We work to ensure that all voices — white, black and brown; indigenous and immigrant; rural and urban — are heard and honored in securing a safe climate.

Together we will secure the clean air, clean water, stable climate and equitable future that our children and grandchildren deserve. Together we will build a more beautiful world.

Our Approach

With the imagination and dedication of thousands of volunteers and working in coalition with organizations statewide, we are making Minnesota a leader in the transition to a just and livable clean energy economy. MN350 uses a full range of peaceful methods, including policy advocacy, bold public events, political engagement and nonviolent direct action to change the rules of government and corporate behavior. We act with urgency to transform the oppressive systems put in place by polluters and corporate interests, and allow our climate and communities to flourish.

By uniting Minnesotans across race, class and geography and elevating the leadership of frontline communities most affected by climate change, we can win the changes we need for a strong and sustainable Minnesota. MN350 welcomes leaders from all walks of life who are ready to act together to realize profound change that meets the urgency of the climate crisis.