Digital storytelling internship

Mission, purpose, and programs of our organization:

MN350 is a dynamic, volunteer-led grassroots organization building a people’s movement to demand that Minnesota take a leadership role in addressing the climate crisis in a just and sustainable way. Programs include:

  • Pipeline resistance campaign to stop Line 3
  • Working with a statewide coalition to move Minnesota to adopt 100% Clean Energy policy
  • Speeding the transition to electric buses and moving the Zero Emissions Vehicle standard
  • Supporting a national movement towards a Green New Deal
Intern projects and work:

We are seeking a Digital Storytelling intern to help create short videos to help promote and build the climate movement. We are creating videos that highlight our work and show the connections between climate and other issues, such as the economy, immigration and sustainable food systems.

We are also collecting stories to highlight the work of the volunteers whose passion and brilliance make the climate movement and our successes possible. We have found that stories from people’s personal experiences are just as critical in sparking action and winning our campaigns as the facts and science of climate change.

Interns would help interview volunteers on video, edit, and find creative ways share on social media.

This internship is unpaid. To apply, send resume and cover letter to