MN350 Mutual Aid

Supporting Indigenous Water Protectors and Their Communities

We deeply appreciate all the friends, relatives, and allies who stand up for Water Protectors. We thank you.


What we do

Good relationships are the bedrock of our mutual aid efforts. As volunteers, we respond to direct requests for materials, food, and labor from Indigenous Water Protectors and their communities affected by extractive industries and the violation of treaty rights. This material support helps make ongoing resistance possible. We work to provide support quickly and flexibly. We do not launch projects of our own making. We listen and act, in that order.


How you can help

Your donation helps build mutually beneficial relationships that channel the resources, energy, and love of many people into the heart of the climate justice movement.

We accept food and gear at the MN350 office during designated times. Please check the current supply requests list, as needs often change. We appreciate cash donations for the flexibility they allow. Pooling cash resources enables us to fully meet all requests.



Who are the people we support and how?

We support Indigenous Water Protectors and their communities throughout the region. We follow the guidance of Indigenous leaders, assuming our responsibilities to uphold the Treaties and take actions to protect Earth and all the beings She holds.

We currently support:

  • Pipeline resistance
  • Water Protector healing and sheltering
  • Environmental action camps
  • Water Protector court support
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives
  • Treaty rights and alliances
  • Indigenous culture camps and events
  • Urban unhoused communities
  • Elders

What are the current needs?

Line 3 resistance continues. The harming of land and water, denial of treaty rights, discounting of Indigenous wisdom, and the threat of ecological collapse persist.

Line 5 resistance calls. Enbridge is pushing to drive Line 5 through fragile ecosystems in Wisconsin and Michigan. Water Protectors are doing the pivotal work resisting this pipeline. We offer our support to this resistance as well as other environmental battles affecting Indigenous communities.

The cascading effect of industrialization, genocide and colonization on Indigenous communities in our region extends in all directions including urban houseless communities. We follow the lead of Indigenous leaders in responding to the requests of these communities. 

Challenges to the stolen power of violent corporations continue to be fought in court and we continue to support the Indigenous communities leading this fight. Join us!