Stop Line 3 mutual aid

Supporting water protectors and their communities
What we do

We regularly provide requested food and gear to Indigenous organizers and the communities most negatively affected by pipelines. This material support helps make ongoing resistance possible.


How you can help

Drop off requested food and gear at the MN350 office during open office hours. Please check the the current supply requests often, as needs change frequently.

You can also donate cash to purchase requested supplies. Pooling resources allows us to fully meet requests, including high-ticket items.



Who are the folks making it happen?

YOU! Every donation is helping to build a support system that is channeling the energy, supplies, relationships, and love of many people into the heart of this fight.

This effort is facilitated by Stop Line 3 Mutual Aid (previously known as Frontline Support or FLS) which is part of MN350’s Pipeline Resistance Team. To learn more or volunteer, please email us.


Who are the people we support and how?

We support Indigenous-led communities, cultural camps and pipeline-resistance camps throughout the regions in Minnesota most impacted by Line 3. As a mutual aid team, we manage the sourcing and distribution of material goods in response to requests from water protectors.