Natural gas: energy we can’t afford

Tell The Public Utilities Commission: End Natural Gas Now!

In June, the Governor of Minnesota passed the Natural Gas Innovation Act (NGIA), which provides support for fossil fuel companies as they work to decarbonize their operations.

But while the NGIA sounds like a crucial step toward fighting climate change and reducing dangerous emissions, it isn’t. In fact, fossil gas has more power than it ever did.

This fast track to natural gas is reckless. That’s why MN350 is calling on the PUC to use its new power to regulate gas utilities—but we can’t do it without you.

Right now, we’re counting on grassroots supporters like you to stand with us against the life-threatening use of fossil fuels. Please, will you take a minute to help protect our communities—and our planet?

What Is Fossil Gas, And Why Is It Bad?

Also called “natural gas” by Big Oil giants, fossil gas is flammable gas that can be found underground. It’s often extracted by fracking, a process that pumps water, sand and chemicals beneath the earth’s surface to blow open rock formations and release the gas within it.

Extracting fossil gas is dangerous, plain and simple. Fracking releases deadly pollutants that contaminate our air and water. These processes also put our communities at risk for life-threatening pipeline explosions and earthquakes.

Fossil fuels are one of the leading causes of our climate crisis. Methane, one of the primary chemicals found in natural gas, has been proven to heat the planet 86 times faster than CO2 in a 20-year period. The message is clear: Natural gas is energy we can’t afford, and we must take urgent action to end its use.

We Did It! Our Big Win Against Big Oil

Together with other Minnesota climate groups, MN350 pushed for Xcel Energy to drop its massive plan for a fossil gas plant near Becker, MN. In June, the oil company finally relented.

Xcel Energy’s decision to abandon the gas plant proves how grassroots action works — and it’s the key to climate justice.

Learn more about our involvement here.

The Case Against Fossil Gas: A Closer Look

Fossil gas extraction isn’t just bad for the planet. It’s dangerous for our health and the economy, too. A growing body of evidence suggests the use of fossil gas poses significant health and safety risks to communities. Shifting toward clean sources of energy can save money and prevent these risks, particularly for the vulnerable subgroups most adversely impacted by fossil gas pollution.

Find out more about the safety and economic risks of so-called “natural gas” in our entire report here.