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Tabling Training

Come learn how to talk about MN350, and invite people to make a difference. This training is for new and veteran tablers alike, and will be an excellent opportunity to pick up new tabling strategies as well as share your own expertise.


North Star Training

We’re living in a moment of incredible challenge and possibility for transformation. At the North Star training we’ll talk about how to take bold action for visionary solutions at the scale of the climate crisis.

This training is for you if you’ve been to a Welcome Event, or already have a basic idea of MN350 teams and campaigns. The North Star training covers MN350’s organizing style, our theory of power, and the social movements we are rooted in.


Calling for Change

MN350 and MN350 Action are made up of volunteers. We plan actions and paint banners, endorse candidates and allow the organization to exist through monthly donations. Join our weekly phonebank on Tuesday evenings and talk to other members about taking part.


Policy Action Team

Climate Majority Project

Climate Majority Project team members generate a steady drumbeat of calls, emails, editorials, and in person meetings with their legislators.

We are working to develop team captains in key legislative districts that will be crucial to passing equitable clean energy legislation in Minnesota. Join us to reach out to people in ‘purple’ districts in MN and invite them to help organize so we can win on clean energy/climate in the 2021 legislative session.

Come to our Policy Action Team introductory session, every other Wednesday at 6 p.m., and stay for the team meeting at 6:30.

St Paul 350

Holding Xcel accountable

Xcel Energy, the largest utility in the state, is trying to duck its clean energy commitments. Despite a plan to decrease its use of carbon-based energies and aim for carbon neutrality by 2050, Xcel is planning to purchase a power plant which produces electricity from dirty fracked gas.

St. Paul 350 is calling on the city council to:

  • Advocate for our city at the Pubilc Utilities Commission and the legislature regarding climate decisions.
  • Set up a task force to prepare for renegotiating the city’s relationship with Xcel energy which can be renegotiated in 2021.

St Paul 350 meets twice a month Mondays, check our calendar for details.



Education and Community Outreach

Green New Deal Research

Our Green New Deal Research working group is helping MN350 decide how to engage with the Green New Deal. We are currently researching GND initiatives in other states and cities, presidential and think-tank proposals, and planning for partner outreach and community listening sessions.

Policy Action Team

Clean Energy Initiatives

The Clean Energy Initiatives working group researches and organizes to win bold, just, clean energy policy in Minnesota.  We’re currently planning research visits with legislators, experts and allies to inform the policies we support this legislative session and beyond.

In the near horizon we will be organizing and training people to get involved in the political process, including organizing their networks to attend caucuses with a climate justice agenda and vote on Election Day.

Join the Clean Energy Initiatives group to help Minnesota be a leader on clean energy. Come to our Policy Action Team introductory session, every other Wednesday at 6 p.m., and stay for the team meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Our Teams

MN350 Campaign and Support Teams

Learn more about the work of MN350’s campaign and support teams, including Policy Action, Clean Transportation, Pipeline Resistance, Food Systems, Education and Community Outreach, Fundraising, Art and Communications.