April 12, 2021

MN350 statement on Brooklyn Center police killing of Daunte Wright

MN350 strongly condemns the reckless and reprehensible killing of Daunte Wright and joins thousands of horrified Minnesotans in calling for deep systemic changes to a profoundly broken and profoundly racist criminal justice system that routinely executes Black men.

“Another death of a Black man at the hands of a police officer vividly and tragically demonstrates the soul sickness of a criminal justice system with a shameful history of targeting, dehumanizing, abusing and killing victims solely because of their race,” said Sam Grant, MN350’s Executive Director. “This kind of atrocity is not an aberration. It is not an accident. We can’t even get through the trial of one murderous police officer in Minnesota before the next one does it again. Brutalizing and killing Black and Brown bodies has been routine for so long. It’s a feature of the system. And it has to stop.”

MN350’s mission is founded on the belief that all Minnesota residents, regardless of skin color, zip code or income, deserve a more livable planet and safe and healthy communities where all of us, without exception, can thrive. “There is no climate justice without racial justice,” Grant said.