March 9, 2022

Minneapolis residents launch campaign to push city on climate plan

There is a movement happening in Minneapolis.

As the city of Minneapolis prepares to seek public engagement on its climate action plan next month, teams of volunteers from every ward across Minneapolis have been advocating for their own climate and equity plan. The plan, inspired by the Portland Clean Energy Fund and drafted by the newly-launched Just Transition Fund Coalition, would expand on existing climate goals and ensure democratic control over the major new investments Minneapolis needs to create a thriving, environmentally healthy city.

The Just Transition Fund, a coalition of racial, environmental and economic justice organizations, envisions a people’s climate and equity plan that prioritizes clean energy and efficiency in buildings, access to family sustaining jobs to close the racial wealth gap, clean transportation, and reducing the cumulative impacts of pollution.

“As the green economy accelerates, we must create intentional and equitable pathways for communities of color to access union careers in the energy and construction sectors,” said coalition member Emilia Gonzalez-Avalos, Executive Director of Unidos MN. “Investing in clean energy creates enormous opportunities to address health and wealth disparities. Our communities cannot be left behind.”

Putting bold climate, equity, and environmental justice goals into practice will require a commitment from city leaders. Members of this movement know that a climate action plan on paper means nothing without the funds and the will to make it happen. That is why MN350 has organized teams in every ward across the city to meet with city representatives, and is working broadly across sectors. Coalition members from environmental justice, immigrant and workers rights and energy democracy groups are working together to develop policy at the intersection of climate and community needs.

MN350 and coalition members will unveil their vision at an event from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on March 23. Speakers will explain how the coalition’s plan will make Minneapolis a city in which every person lives in an equitable, healthy neighborhood and a safe climate. RSVP here to be among the first to hear about the plan.

“As the city of Minneapolis updates its climate action plan this year, we have an opportunity to both set bold climate justice goals, and establish the means to meet them,” said MN350 Green Jobs Program Manager Ulla Nilsen. “If we can prove that these kinds of policies make an impact on the health and wellbeing of Minneapolis residents, we will inspire progress across the country. We know that federal policy follows local initiatives. Let’s help Minneapolis lead the nation on climate justice.”



MN350 is a statewide climate advocacy group with 30,000 supporters. We work to make Minnesota a national leader in a just transition to a clean energy economy. MN350 Action is its political and advocacy arm.


Jessie Roelofs, MN350 Communications Manager | | 320-309-9767