May 27, 2020

MN350 statement on Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd

MN350 strongly condemns the brutal and callous killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers and demands that the officers involved be criminally prosecuted.

The killing again vividly and tragically demonstrates the profound injustices of a criminal justice system with a long history of targeting, dehumanizing, abusing and executing victims solely because of their race. As a black man, George Floyd died after pleading for his life because his white killer, who had sworn to uphold community values, instead refused him basic human decency and mercy. Other officers who passively witnessed the atrocity but failed to intervene are no less culpable.

MN350 applauds the immediate decision to fire all four officers involved and joins dozens of other horrified community groups in calling on prosecutors to charge them criminally. We also join in grieving and extend our deepest sympathies to George Floyd’s family and friends.

MN350’s mission is founded on the belief that all Minnesota residents, regardless of skin color, zip code or income, deserve a more livable planet and safe and healthy communities where all of us, without exception, can thrive.



MN350 is a statewide group with 20,000 supporters working to make Minnesota a national leader in a just transition to a clean energy economy. MN350 Action is its political and advocacy arm.